Intensive advanced


Teacher: Ganga

Date: Sunday 26 May 2024
Time: 11:00 am
 until 18:00
Price: € 98,-
There is a break during the Intensive, lunch can be had nearby.

Intensives are deepening classes suitable for everyone. Because there is more time, you can perform the postures even more precisely and stay in them longer to feel better what is happening. This creates space in which thoughts, emotions or physical resistance present themselves and you can observe this. The more you surrender to this process, the more transformation can take place. Resistance dissolves, thoughts turn and silence and peace take its place.

In these classes, there is extra space for the other aspects of yoga such as pranayama, bandha, mudra and meditation. We often focus the intensives on a topic which can range from chakras to themes like 'gratitude' or 'forgiveness'. Other intensives focus more on certain forms of yoga such as restorative yoga and yoga nidra, where you learn to relax at deeper and deeper levels and enter other layers of your consciousness. Or we explore a particular group of postures in the intensives, such as those of the sun salutation or, for example, the heroic postures.

These lessons, and even days during the holidays, are intense and instructive moments to look honestly at yourself in safety and to get to know yourself at a deeper level. Being aware and attentive in this way makes you experience quality instead of quantity. It is wonderful to be so intensely engaged in yoga and to take the time to discover who you really are!

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