Inspiration for self-study

  • A Course in Miracles (Textbook; Workbook; Teacher's Handbook; Supplements) by Ankhhermes Publishers
  • Return to Love (Living with principles of 'A Course in Miracles') by Marianne Williamson
  • Four questions that change your life (Loving what is) by Byron Katie
  • Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  • Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  • Science of the Soul (Contemplation of the inner world through Yoga) by Sarasvati
  • Handbook of Chakra Psychology (Self-realisation in seven steps) by Anodea Judith
  • Chakra Workbook (The chakra system as a key to knowledge and spiritual growth) by Anodea Judith
  • Chakras and Higher Consciousness by Hiroshi Motoyama
  • Esoteric healing (A treatise on the 7 rays dl. 4.) by Alice A. Bailey
  • The voice of silence (Excerpts chosen from the 'Book of Golden Precepts') by H.P. Blavatsky
  • Who Am I? by Sri Ramana Maharsi
  • Books by Sathya Sai Baba
  • Books by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
  • The Mother (Mother Meera) of Adilakshmi

Illustrations by Petra Lunenburg

About the logo: 'DUST'

23 February 2018, Isle of Wight

"When designing the logo for Sai Mithra, I started from my own experiences and the meaning yoga has for me. After years of taking intensive classes with Ganga, a - I think - never-ending process was initiated.A process of self-discovery and stepping outside the framework of my ego. Physically and spiritually. It makes life poetic and layered. However ugly- yet beautiful. With physical complaints no matter what or where and how big the pain that I know there is a world out there, a universe into which this pain can merge.

Needless to say, the influence of Sai Mithra and Ganga are great on my life.When I think of a movement that goes with that dissolution of pain- I think of a corkscrew- First it goes stiffly and then 'flop'. Ultimately, the final release can only happen when I am at the core of the pain. And that's crazy because pain is only there when I'm not in it....

Taking on and really feeling the bigger picture-the surrender-that is then essential. A little click of trust. So that corkscrew and that surrender- a turning movement and an opening movement, towards the light. I started making shapes that suggested these movements. I started with a brush and started making literally hundreds of strokes that slowly evolved. I myself surrendered to the process.

Through a complex shape, a kind of upward spiralling flame- I arrived at a circle via a kind of bridge. First they were closed circles- inspired by 'connection' and finally we chose a half-open circle, symbolising both the material and the non-material ' dust' body.

The shape was not worked and set up in one go. The dots are the bouncing as it were of the brush that occurs with a certain resistance and dryness of the brush. I also liked we- that resistance!
The shape was not worked and set up in one go. The dots are the bouncing as it were of the brush that occurs with a certain resistance and dryness of the brush. I also liked we- that resistance!
I will never be able to make an exact copy of this image from one movement.

So the logo is the result the testimony of energy in time when my request was to showcase the new logo for Sai Mithra. So herewith! Enjoy it. And many thanks for this collaboration.

Kristian , Ilona , Arjanne and also Ganga and even Devi Amma, thank you for your feedback!

Petra Lunenburg

Yoga Paint Art Overige 1

Thanks also to

Hester Doove for photography: hesterdoove.com

Leonie van der Heijden for styling the website: leonievanderheijden.com

Agon Mank for creating the website: agonworks.com 

Caveri Foundation

Sai Mithra is a centre with solid roots in India and there is a close connection with Devi Amma there, the teacher of the Ganga Hoogendoorn. From this connection the need arose years ago to give something back. Initially, it was Ganga's youngest daughter who wanted to do something about inequality.

Thus, Caveri Foundation was established in 2002 and it is from this Foundation that children in India are cared for. We collect money to make it possible for underprivileged children to go to school. These include children from families where parents do not earn enough money to pay for the children's school and orphans.

Under our care are currently 50 children. Some of these children are still in primary school, some are attending secondary or
higher education. Incidentally, when children attend secondary or higher education, the cost of schools increases significantly. If it is necessary for children to stay in school internally, we take care of these costs, as well as the cost of transportation, to and from school.
Besides caring for children, other projects and concerns include Devi Amma herself. She is a mother to many, both to western people and those in India. Devi Amma receives an annual donation, which she uses to support Indian people in need.

The foundation depends entirely on donations, gifts from individuals and companies. The work for Caveri Foundation is voluntary. The money raised, goes directly to the children. There is no profit motive. Anyone wishing to donate can do so on: Account number IBAN: NL26 ABNA in the name of Caveri Foundation. This can be done once or monthly. You can also put some in the Caveri box at Sai Mithra.

We also sometimes organise events, part or all of the proceeds of which go to Caveri, items are regularly offered such as second-hand books for which you can make a donation

Caveri Foundation is an organisation recognised as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI) and as such is fully exempt from gift tax and inheritance tax.

For more information, contact Ganga Hoogendoorn (Ganga. Hoogendoorn@gmail.com) or Arthur Bonarius (arthur.bonarius@gmail.com).

Bluehouse Project

Yoga offers you an inward journey to meet your true Self, but only for reaching out again as a transformed human being, fully in touch with the world outside. That's why we chant the Samasta Lokah - mantra to finish most classes and that it is also why we support a few projects in India, back to our roots. To experience in practice that giving and receiving can't be separated. To donate is to show gratitude about what you received.

The Blue House Project is part of the larger Sona Pushkar project, changing the lives of street children and their families in Pushkar - India, by means of Employment, Education and Shelter. The project is founded and individually owned by Jaira Sona from Amsterdam, who started as a 22-year-old student in 2017.

The Sona Pushkar Project is a non-profit organisation founded in order to change lives of community based in Pushkar (Rajasthan - India) that is excluded from society. This community consists of over 200 families who are living in self-made tents, lacking of basic life needs. By means of providing Employment, Education and Shelter lives have been transformed.

The Blue House Project consists of an Education and Employment centre. Education and Employment are the two keys to end the intergenerational cycle of poverty within this from the society-excluded community. The community concerned is living in self-made tents in the Pushkar desert, lacking of basic life needs and income. By Educating the children and Employing the parents, a ripple effect will be created for future generations.

Pushkar product sale

All five families enrolled in this project are employed by the Sona Pushkar Project. The Blue House women are making handmade products, which generates income of which they were lacking before. This income is allowing them to take control of their own life. 100% of the profit of the handmade products is used for the construction of the families' own houses and monthly food packages.

Some of these products are for sale at Sai Mithra
and it will be possible to order products through our webshop. Products can be picked up at the yoga center or otherwise we can communicate on how to get them

The Sona Pushkar Project is part of our registered NGO:
Ohmnia Foundation
NL15 INGB 000 799 342 3
Chamber of Commerce number: 69083177
Part of official Ohmnia Foundation