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Sai Mithra Yoga Verkorte Opleiding Mei 2024
Posted: Saturday 16 March 2024


Yoga is much more than some postures. It is an ancient science and includes philosophy, asanas, mantras, meditation and pranayama and much more! In our classes, we can always convey only part of our knowledge. There are often questions afterwards, and we understand that. Yoga encompasses so much, it is a source of wisdom, it is healthy, enriching and transformative.

For years, Sai Mithra has offered teacher training to impart knowledge, and to learn how to impart yoga itself.

However, there are also students who want more knowledge without wanting to be trained as teachers. Perhaps you are such a person?

To give you the chance to learn more about what yoga is, but also to get to know yourself better through yoga, we are offering a deepening course from May.

Over six months, you will learn about the 8-fold path of Patanjali, who is considered the founder of yoga. And as in the teacher training, we offer you the opportunity for deep self-examination through knowledge of the chakras.

The emphasis is on experiencing and awakening unconscious (embodied) knowledge you already have.
There is a focus on postures, breath, but most importantly, the lifestyle of a yogi. It will deepen your regular yoga class and no doubt boost your life.

The deepening course lasts six months during which you will have 1.5 days of classes every month, in addition to your regular classes. During the last month, we meet for 1 extra day in which we focus on integration and transformation.

If you wish, you can enter the second year of the transformational yoga teacher training course after this compact course. This also focuses on deepening. There is also a focus on imparting knowledge.

The cost for the entire course is 1700 euros. For this, you get the deepening days and, from the time of registration until October, an unlimited subscription for all regular classes at Sai Mithra until October.
(So the sooner you sign up, the more months of unlimited!). In addition, you get 50% discount on regular intensives by Arjanne and Ilona.

Your place is final on payment of €500. After that, you can pay in instalments. If it is possible to pay all at once, you get an extra €100 discount (€1600).

If interested, contact Ilona and/or Arjanne for an intake.

Sign up using the email form below:

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