Arjanne Schaaf

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"Bhakti is Shakti"

"Bhakti is Shakti": the energy (shakti) that you put into devotion (bhakti) to your chosen form of God is returned to you manyfold, benevolently amplified by the universe. As your devotion grows, so does your own personal power, which you are less likely to misuse since all you can think about is the One you love.
from Aghora II: Kundalini by Robert E. Svoboda

Love and silence, getting to know and share fully, that's what I focus on with you during classes. My experience of yoga is partly coloured by an anthropological perspective. By looking openly, honestly and inquisitively at everything, inside and outside me, nice and not nice, I experience life as increasingly intense, happy and above all loving. I slowly understand more and more about myself, in relation to the world. I enjoy sharing and translating my experience in such a way that you can hear it. Besides teaching at Sai Mithra, I apply transformative yoga in closed and open youth care as part of treatment.